Advice about choosing your Gazebo

Advice about choosing your Gazebo

There is nothing more attractive for an outdoor space than a well-crafted gazebo. A gazebo can be utilised for a variety of uses – large or small, for parties or quiet evenings sitting in the garden, a gazebo adds character and dimension to a backyard and is a worthy investment for any home.

If you enjoy the outdoors gazebo\’s are a great retreat for outdoor relaxation and provide a comfortable spot to really enjoy nature. Your Gazebo will also provide you with a great get together spot for family and friends or for entertaining. With the right gazebo, you could also entertain on a hot summers day, gazebos provide great shelter from the sun\’s hot rays while still being able to enjoy the outdoors.

The key to truly enjoying your new gazebo is choosing the right one and the right location…

The Design

When choosing your gazebo keep in mind how you intend to use the space. Will your gazebo be a small, hidden treasure – a place for quiet conversation or solitary meditation tucked away in a nook of your yard? Just imagine grabbing a favourite book, a good cup of coffee, and settle into a comfortable chair or bench outside under the protection of your gazebo. However, if you have ample outdoor space and love throwing big, lavish parties, then a 8 Meter gazebo would be the perfect solution. Your gazebo will be a magnet to visitors, you might even want to pave a path to it. When choosing a design, you will want something that will blend and look good with your landscape or surroundings.


Size is always a determining factor in selecting your gazebo, depending on the amount of space you have available outdoors will determine the total area available for your gazebo, if you have a small backyard and keep to a small group of friends, then a 3 meter to 5 meter gazebo would likely work for you.

The Location

When choosing your intended area for your gazebo, the following points should be addressed. First of all remember that the location will determine what size gazebo will work for the spot you have chosen, take a walk around your property with a tape measure and look for that perfect spot. Once you see a good area, measure this to get a good idea of what size gazebo will suit your requirement. Also when choosing the location keep in mind what kind of a view you will have to enjoy.

The view of the gazebo itself, can be as important as the view from your gazebo. Do you want your gazebo to be an important focal point that draws the eye when you look out the window or enter the yard? Perhaps it is at the juncture of two or more garden paths.

The multi-sided nature of gazebos makes them a natural choice for placement in the centre of things, perhaps with flower beds radiating from the base. You may want your painted gazebo white or a combination of bright colours to make it stand out, you might even add dramatic lighting shining up around the base of your gazebo so you can enjoy an evening view of your gazebo.

The View

Keep in mind that your gazebo may even block a view, which in some cases may be desirable. A strategically placed gazebo, surrounded on two or three sides with tall plantings is a great way to create a romantic nook while obliterating an undesirable sight. If you want to block an obtrusive view without stifling breezes or cutting too out too much light, you should install lattice on several sides of the gazebo.

For optimum placing of your gazebo, take all of these factors into consideration before planning where your gazebo will be placed. As you can see, choosing the perfect site for your gazebo will make a great difference in your landscape.

The Future

Finally, in addition to the actual gazebo plan, most people will add other elements. For instance, you may want to add a Spa pool, built-in seating, landscaping, protective screens, furniture, and so on. Obviously, the gazebo plan will need to accommodate the ultimate design. Just remember that no matter what you have in mind, with gazebos built by Custom Built Gazebos you can have a gazebo built exactly to your dreams.

Why choose Custom Built Gazebos to build your gazebo?

Custom Built Gazebos can assist you with ideas on styles and locations and assist you with regulations and permits from local authorities. Your gazebo can be customised to your requirements with all options available in all sizes, and designed free standing on a flat level site or custom-made to accommodate a sloping section or any unusual situation.