About Custom Built Gazebos

Custom Built Gazebos is run by Tom Allen.  The company has built hundreds of Gazebos around Melbourne, through country Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.  You can leave everything to us (as fully registered builders), or our Gazebos can be sold as kits.

We can build on just about any site and sloping blocks are not a problem with our custom built Gazebos. We have proudly installed many School Gazebos with back to back seating for maximum capacity.

Our School orientated Gazebos can seat approximately 80 students. We also design and install Custom Built Gazebos for Churches, Restaurants, Bus depots, Retirement Villages and Cemeteries. Custom Built Gazebos are also great for Corporate Company’s that require an outside lunch area or designated smoking area.

We can build Gazebos specially designed for Spa baths and are built to comply with strict building regulations with safety in mind. These Gazebos make great shelter from the sun and rain which go hand in hand with the present Sun Smart campaign. We can also build timber decking and can also provide coloured concrete floors to suit the application and the site.

All roofs are fully framed with beautiful Colorbond roofs and gutters manufactured by BHP (Blue Scope Steel). There are about 20 colours of roofing in our colour range which you can pick from our colour schedule.